You can restore your Apple iPhone / iPad not connected to Mac / PC / iTunes: beta instructions for iOS 13.4

If you are an iOS device user for a while, you may experience pain associated with PC / Mac for iTunes recovery device, if it does not work properly. And, since this is the time, when the great Cupertino star was laughing at ‘what is a computer?’ a campaign to upgrade its iPad as a replacement for PC, which could happen soon as the company strives to achieve and bring PC technology to their iPads. Apple is now unveiling its new feature in the upcoming iOS version, which will not be necessary for Mac or PC or laptop to upgrade an iOS device as an iPhone or iPadOS device as an iPad in this regard.

And, yes, it may be possible later or even soon with some version of iOS 13.4. It’s because people 9 to 5mc, I have found new codes pointing out that Apple may be working on restoring the internet on iOS. For those who don’t know, Apple has a way to restore the internet for macOS users, how they can restore their Mac or MacBook without the need for a USB bootable drive, and they can simply connect to the internet and have the installation or firmware installed.

The same model can come with iPhones or iPads with the upcoming iOS 13.4 beta. This will be an online version called OS Recovery, which was introduced in a recent beta, which can eliminate the need for a PC or Mac to restore / restore your iPhone. What this could mean is that Apple will use this method every time your iOS device is malfunctioning, or not working properly, and then, you can put it back on the air, as a way to restore internet in Mac. According to the report, the OS recovery feature can come out (similar to AirPods for pop-up connections) anytime the internet is available to restore an iPhone or iPad.

If the alleged feature is believed to be true, then it may be useful for iOS device users who are not close to a computer or mac to restore their malfunctioning iPhone as long as they have internet access. Also, the report suggests that this is still speculative because it can remain experimental and may not see daylight as it is in beta, at the moment.

Also, eliminating the need for a PC or Mac does not mean that the new OS recovery feature would not rely on iOS other devices like iPhone / iPad to restore iPhone, which you want. This means that this can also be used in the same way as the Apple Migration tool from one iOS device to another. By and large, this new feature is available on iOS 13.4 beta 3 version, and the only valid release is possible only for a few other beta releases, which can take up to a month.

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