WhatsApp Dark Mode Now Available on Android & iPhone

One of the most anticipated dark shots on Whatsapp is now available on Android and iPhone. Recently, Dark Theme on WhatsApp became available on Beta via APK and now the default format is being pushed across both platforms. Elaborating on the research and development behind the show, the company said it wants to reduce eye strain in lightweight areas and reduce stressful times.

The Dark UI was designed to focus on the most important information based on the amount of information and the developers have also customized the dark interface to make it more readable by reducing eye fatigue using fixed colors on iPhone and Android. Android 10 users as well as iOS 13 users are able to initiate a dark look from the system.

While Android 9 users and below need to go to WhatsApp settings and click Chats and select Theme. Here you can find Turing on / off the dark mode. The dark system was designed to have multiple applications from last year to ensure that the battery on the device is maintained and users can read better and have less eye fatigue in lightweight conditions.

The Facebook messaging service on WhatsApp is one of the largest services in the world and has been receiving many changes since its inception by the media giant – Facebook. These updates will be released via OTA so it may take some time to process your device and should arrive within the next few days. Comments in this section below if you have received the status quo and comments in this section below if you have any more related questions.

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