This could be the new Google Pixel 4a: Hands-on Image Leaked

Shortly afterwards, this morning, Google announced that it had banned its Google I / O event, which has been scheduled for May 12-14, this year. The company had to cancel their largest conference, which takes place every year for manufacturers around the world, due to the Chinese Coronavirus epidemic. However, Google looks like a lot of news and this time with its new Pixel device.

Yes, he is thought to be in the hands of his next Pixel device, which is the Pixel 4a shown online – courtesy Shooting. If the images above are believed to be true, the first new Pixel 4a device shows what to expect from a cheap smartphone from Google. For more information, Google has already launched a reduced version of its Pixel devices from last year. The company announced the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL in 2019, which had its own high-end cameras but less powerful chipsets, which ultimately made the devices stand out at a much lower price.

Similar to last year’s Pixel 3a mobile phone, which was downloaded before its launch, the Pixel 4a replacement also appears to be following in the footsteps. Also, the Pixel 4 screen was unveiled before it was re-created. However, the new Pixel 4a’s supposedly low-resolution image shows a hole display with smaller bezels. This punch-hole display is the first decoration that Google took, after abandoning its Pixel 3 devices.

In addition, the alleged loss is also reflected in the rear of the Pixel 4a, which has a single-lens lens, with a production component similar to the screens released last year; Google is known for producing stunning images with a single lens, from its inception of the original Pixel device to the Pixel 3 XL hardware. It may be possible that one of the glasses from the latest Pixel devices, which were launched last year, can be seen in the upcoming Pixel 4a. Well, these are still fiction. In addition, we can see the back finger sensor in the back. In hindsight, it seems that Google chose a plastic or polycarbonate product similar to its predecessor.

Although the Pixel 3a devices were announced last May, it may be possible for Google to roll out the same list again this year, soon after launching Google I / O, which is expected to be technically updated via live stream, either.

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Source of Images Shown: Google

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