The best Bitcoin wallets for security, privacy and anonymity!


Opendime which is a real cypherpunk Bitcoin credit stick is a small USB device that allows you to transaction and spend Bitcoin like cash. You can connect the device to any computer to check the status and forward it multiple times without worrying that someone will steal the funds afterwards. The way Opendime works is to keep Bitcoin private keys in the device, and in order to use the funds, the seal of the device must be broken, in other words, you have to destroy the device in order to spend the funds.



Vault was the first manufacturer of hardware wallets in the world. They released their flagship product in 2013 and have since devised a bunch of new devices and products to store, manage and trade your coins. The vault is undoubtedly one of the key leaders and most popular choices in the industry and therefore a top choice for anyone looking to store their coins.


Ledger Hardware Bitcoin wallet

Ledger is a manufacturer of hardware wallets that offers some of the cheapest devices on the market. Their software offers a wide range of services from multiple wallets to managing, tracking and trading your coins. This is a great choice for anyone just starting out with hardware wallets.



KeepKey is a hardware wallet that comes from ShapeShift, their device offers a web-based interface and acts as a multi-wallet for all major cryptocurrencies. This is a great choice because of how well connected it is to ShapeShift and what this combination has to offer.



BitBox is an open source hardware wallet designed to protect your property with the latest hardware manufactured in Switzerland. This wallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens, and uses an OLED screen and invisible touch sensors making it a practical and easy choice.


BitLox is an open source hardware mobile Bluetooth wallet designed to fit in your pocket. The device is lightweight and comes with a practical display, also has many built-in hidden features such as an emergency PIN to clear all user data and comes with a leather protective case.

BC safe

BC safe is a hardware wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies designed with the right security in mind. The way BCVault actually works is to encrypt the private keys on the device’s RAM itself, which you can then back up to paper, SDCard, or send directly to your email. The wallet comes with a pre-loaded 1 BTC, and if you manage to break the encryption, it’s all yours. In addition to easily managing all your cryptocurrencies, the device can also be used as a UF2 authenticator with common web services.


CoolWallet it is a unique hardware wallet designed with mobility in mind. This wallet uses a combination of mobile phone and hardware via Bluetooth. It allows you to track your costs, spend and receive cryptocurrencies, and has biometric and physical F2A to ensure your security, all while keeping your funds offline. CoolWallet is probably the best choice for someone who travels a lot or is simply always on the go.



Bitfi is a new unique crypto hardware wallet. This device is different from all the others because it does not store your private keys at all. Instead, it allows users to create a signing request via a device with a PIN and password, while simultaneously calculating the private key and destroying it immediately. This is truly a unique perspective as the device acts as a private key generator rather than a wallet. This way, users can stay safe even if someone manages to access the device by hacking or other malicious activities.


Sugi is a multi-purpose hardware wallet card that keeps your keys offline without bulky devices, cables or complex user experience. The Sugi card not only serves as a cooler but is also a simplified payment card for everyday use.


SafePal is the first hardware wallet to be invested in and supported Binance. This unique part of the device can be paired with your mobile phone. It has a functional 1.3-inch high-resolution screen that displays every detail of your property. You can scan your transactions and manage more than 1000 assets, all while keeping your assets secure and offline. This is the perfect combination of crypto management for the masses.



Elipal is a completely isolated offline hardware wallet. The wallet is designed in such a way that it will not connect to any network device or use wireless or physical connections such as Bluetooth or USB, instead the hooded device uses verifiable QR codes to verify transactions. In this way, information cannot be stolen from it via the network, nor can it be controlled remotely, which makes it one of the most complete wallets for protection against hackers. The Ellipal is also dust and water resistant, and comes with a strong metal case designed to resist any physical abuse.


Cobo vault

Cobo is an all in one Bitcoin hardware wallet solution for those who seriously want to protect their cryptocurrencies. The complete Cobo Vault package includes everything from a hardware device to a stainless steel cold storage tablet. The hardware device itself is completely airborne, which means it eliminates all hackers ’ability to use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB and so on, instead using QR codes to confirm transactions. A stainless steel memory tablet can withstand natural incidents such as fire, water and shock.

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Keevo is the link between safety and comfort. The wallet uses a multi-factor architecture with two multi-signature chips and a master key that never leaves the device. Keevo has several factors for maintaining the security of your property, pin code, your fingerprint and the device itself, all of which you can always recover the wallet seed from. On top of that, Keevo is a great choice for managing someone’s assets, as it is the first hardware wallet to offer a solution for the user, meaning someone else can encrypt their private keys on your device.

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