Solana Competitor Launched its NFT Marketplace

Solana (SOL) has launched multiple products, but the NFT marketplace was one of the most successful.

Solana NFT is the most talked about thing about this cryptocurrency due to the impressive performance it has shown. The biggest reason why Solana NFT marketplace has performed so well is because of its faster speed and lower gas price. Therefore, it has experienced tremendous growth in a short period of time.

One of its competitors, Bitgert (BRISE), has launched its NFT marketplace. The new NFT is expected to perform well as Bitgert has a better blockchain in terms of speed and gas rates. Here’s more about these projects and why Bitgert NFT is a tough competitor to the Solana NFT:

Bitgert NFT Marketplace Launched by Miidas

The first introduction of the Bitgert NFT is through one of the Startup studio projects, Miidas† The bittersweet supported project is the first NFT product to be listed on the Sphynx DEX, which is supported by the Brise chain. Unlike Solana NFT, the Miidas NFT marketplace is unique in that it supports both digital and physical assets. Therefore, Bitgert supported Miidas gives NFT enthusiasts greater options for NFTs to mint, as well as to buy and sell.

What is making? bittersweet supported Miidas NFT marketplace attracts a lot of attention is the blockchain that supports it. The Bitgert blockchain has the lowest gas fee, lower than what Solana offers. In addition to that, bitter chain speed is much faster than Solana chain. These are reasons that will make the Miidas NFT market more competitive. Note that the beta version of Miidas NFT marketplace is currently LIVE on the Bitgert blockchain


While Centcex has not launched an NFT platform like bittersweet, it is a good project for investors to consider. Centcex is one of the few coins compared to bittersweet because of the pace of development that the coin has placed. There are several things that make Centcex popular, but what excites the crypto community the most is its sheer utility.

The Centcex project develops the largest number of products for this ecosystem, with the Centcex grant being the first product. The Centcex exchange is already complete and could be launched any time in the second quarter. Other products include dozens of dApps, user bases, and staking tools. The sheer utility is the biggest that attracts crypto investors to buy Centcex today.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) has launched multiple products, but the NFT marketplace was one of the most successful. The team recently announced that the Solana NFT market is approaching the $1 billion market cap. That is impressive growth for such a young product. While the versatility of the Solana (SOL) NFTs could be the reason for this growth, there is more to it.

The Solana blockchain speed and gas fee, compared to those of Ethereum and Binance, is one of the reasons why the NFT market is doing well. The Solana (SOL) was the fastest in the industry and had the lowest gas of all blockchains with NFT. That is why millions of enthusiasts have joined Solana. But bittersweet gives it tough competition.

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