RoundlyX Review: Acorns For Crypto?

More investors than ever are interested in toil in cryptocurrencies now. But many of us don’t have a lot of extra cash to buy digital assets en masse.

Of RoundlyXYou don’t need to have a large amount of cash to invest. Instead, you can buy cryptocurrency with roundups of your loose change.

RoundlyX offers the opportunity to slowly build your stake in digital assets over time. Here’s what you need to know about the company.

Use your loose change to buy cryptocurrencyView your assets across all classesAutomatic purchases of digital assets

Roundup Crypto Investments, Assets Tracking

Roundups, Recurring Investments, Quick Buys

What is RoundlyX?

Andrew Elliott and Will Trible RoundlyX founded in 2017† The intent was to create a platform where users can complete their purchases and use the funds to buy cryptocurrencies.

The founders have stated that the company’s goal is to become the of digital assets. By that they mean they want to make it easy to link to other accounts to visualize all your digital investments in one place.

What does it offer?

Are you intrigued by the concept of RoundlyX? This is what the company has to offer.

Budget-friendly ways to invest in cryptocurrencies

It can be a challenge to set aside money for: investing in cryptocurrencies regularly. After all, you have plenty of other costs to cover. But RoundlyX takes the responsibility of investing in cryptocurrency for you on a regular basis.

Once you link your accounts and set your preferences, your cryptocurrency portfolio will grow steadily using your loose change. Each time you make a purchase, the service rounds your purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the difference.

Essentially, you can choose to set this cryptocurrency investment strategy and forget about it. But your budget won’t take too much of a hit to build an asset class. This is very similar to what apps like Acorns or Stash do, but for cryptocurrencies rather than stocks.

Average dollar cost approximation

RoundlyX takes an approximation of the dollar cost average of investing your money. Your change is built up until it reaches a certain threshold. At that point, RoundlyX will proceed to execute the purchase regardless of the price at which your chosen currency is currently being sold.

Let’s say you want to invest in Bitcoin every time your roundup balance reaches $25. If Bitcoin is lower than the last time you invested in it, your $25 will buy you more fractional shares. On the other hand, if Bitcoin has appreciated in value, your $25 will buy you fewer fractional shares.

Averaging the dollar cost in this way is diametrically opposed to a “market timing” approach. Active traders will likely prefer technical analysis to try and predict market rises and falls. But if you plan to hold onto your cryptocurrency investments for the long term, dollar cost averaging can help you avoid “analysis paralysis” or panic selling during market dips.

Want to learn more about dollar cost averages? Check out this piece that compares the differences between the dollar cost average and a lump sum approximation.

Integrations with trusted Exchange accounts

RoundlyX works with several existing exchanges to carry out transactions securely. All purchased cryptocurrencies are stored in your chosen supported exchange. This means RoundlyX has no direct access to your cryptocurrency.

Many of the most popular exchanges integrate with RoundlyX. Some of the options include Voyager Coinbase, Kraken, and Okcoin.

View investments across all platforms

RoundlyX makes it easy to view all your cryptocurrency holdings on all your linked exchange accounts. The company also has plans to expand your vantage point in the near future. Soon you will also be able to track your stocks, savings and manually added assets.

Are there any costs?

If you work with RoundlyX, the cost is $1 per month ($12 per year). But you can enjoy a 30-day free trial to see if you like it before paying for the service. Please note that you will likely still have to pay trading fees from the linked exchange(s) where your trades are executed.

How does RoundlyX compare?

RoundlyX is reminiscent of change investing apps like acorns or stash† If you want to build a stock portfolio then one of these apps is a more suitable option. But if you are interested in building a cryptocurrency portfolio, RoundlyX is a good choice.

If you don’t need a spare parts exchange tool to save for your cryptocurrency investments, you should probably just work with a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase straight away. Eliminating RoundlyX as a middleman saves you $12 a year in costs.

How do I open an account?

You can sign up for a RoundlyX account directly on the website. First you need to provide your name, email address and country. In addition, you must create a username and password.

Once the account has been created, it’s time to link your bank account or card using Plaid. With this information, RoundlyX can actually finalize your purchases and use the difference.

In addition, you need to connect your cryptocurrency exchange account. RoundlyX executes trades through the exchange.

Currently, you can only login to your RoundlyX account via a web browser. However, the company said recently that a mobile app will be the next big rollout.

Is it safe and secure?

Security is always a big question when working with cryptocurrency. But RoundlyX can never access the assets in your cryptocurrency exchanges. So the security of your digital assets is really in the hands of your exchange.

In addition, RoundlyX uses Plaid to securely link your purchase data. Plaid is used by many top financial institutions, including American Express, Venmo, and Chime.

How do I contact RoundlyX?

You can contact RoundlyX with questions at: their online contact form† In addition, the company is on Twitter @RoundlyX.

The few contact options may be a worrying sign for some. The company also does not yet have a profile with Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to steadily build your digital asset holdings, RoundlyX is a convenient solution. You can set up the app and let it take the reins to build a crypto portfolio for you.

But if you want to take it more hands-on, RoundlyX is not the right choice for you. And if you don’t need change rounds to help you save, better open an account with one of our favorite crypto exchanges and just set up recurring investments.

Watch RoundlyX here >>

RoundlyX Features

Roundup crypto investments, asset tracking

Coinbase, Voyager, Kraken, Okcoin, etc.

RoundupsRecurring InvestmentQuick Buys

None through RoundlyX, but linked exchanges charge.

CryptoStocks (coming soon)Savings (coming soon)Manually added assets (coming soon)

Web/Desktop Account Access

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