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The new year has started relatively poorly for the cryptocurrency market. Prices like Bitcoin and other large altcoins fell during most of December and started the year at $ 46,000 – down from a record $ 69,000 on November 10 last year.

Regardless of the downward trend, Bitcoin seems to have bottomed out and although prices are falling, there are still big profits from Covesting copy traders.

The high returns of Cvesting strategic managers ranked in the thousands of percent meant that their followers made a lot of money along with them.

Here’s a more detailed look at the fully transparent Covesting global leaderboards, current rankings and spotlights on the top five retailers of the month.

Understanding Covesting and How Users Benefit

The Covesting module for copy trading is a huge peer-to-peer trading community that boasts hundreds of strategy managers who have the ability to monitor and share their trading performance so that the entire community base can see them. From here, followers are informed who is doing well and which managers are in the hotline based on performance metrics and best-score boards.

The rating system emphasizes the safety and skills of traders based on user feedback, and this can help followers make a decision, but a high-score board and pure success are also a good indicator of a successful trader.

Top five strategic managers for January

Looking at the current top five traders on the platform, we can see that currently the best trader shows a profit of over 2000 percent. In fact, all seven of the best are boat winnings of over 1000 percent.

The general manager of the strategy, tootheemoooon, sits nicely with a total profit of 2.207 percent with runners-up, BitPros just below 1.908 percent profit. Toootheemoooon has been active since September last year and only one day showed negative returns in a small percentage.

Dean’s Notes so far ranks last on the podium for January as it shows a profit of 1,589 percent. The fourth and fifth positions were taken by Bilie and Kuiper with gains of 1,495 percent and 1,327 percent, respectively.

Panel with the best results of the Covesting module

Reaping the benefits of falling markets

Looking deeper into these top performers, we can see that there are some similar trends between all five. Most of them managed to take advantage of the market, which has been in decline since mid-November.

For example, toootheemoooon has managed to earn a thousand percent in the last two weeks alone. This is a huge jump as the price of Bitcoin has reached a bottom close to $ 40,000.

“Bilie” is another that has shown good trading in the market in decline. His December 9 profit was just 113 percent – which is still good – but he has since managed to make a profit as well tall as 1792 just a few days ago.

The rise in profits during the downturn in the market seems to suggest that traders could move on short on Bitcoin after the recent top values ​​of all time. In fact, toootheemoooon said in his trader profile that he was “trying to catch reversing trades in oversold / overbought markets.”

These strategy managers may have their own systems and procedures in place to try to make such impressive profits, but they are also helped by the advanced trading tools offered by PrimeXBT.

Covesting copy trading is available exclusively at PrimeXBT, an award-winning point of sale margin trading platform. The platform offers everything from long and short positions to built-in drawing tools and more than 50 different instruments for trading from a single account.

What can Covesting Copy Traders expect this year?

With Bitcoin falling from its record high in November, eyes are focused on what will come in the short term, which could dictate what will happen in the next 12 months.

It looks like Bitcoin has already reached its floor and is trying to climb again. With prices not falling below $ 40,000, this is good news for higher prices to come in the rest of the year.

For Copy Traders this is of course a good thing because although you can make a profit on a falling and growing market in Covesting, emerging markets are always more popular and there is a lot to make.

We saw last year, in the annual review of Covesting, there was a story about a Covesting trader who managed to make as much as 100,000% of his total profits before he took his profits and retired as a legend.

The Covesting copy trading module has gained a reputation over the past year for creating a new generation of cult retailers. Anyone can become a low initial deposit strategy manager.

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