PrimeXBT’s competition module launch: Win up to $ 100,000 without spending your real money !!

PrimeXBT is an award-winning fintech company established in 2018. PrimeXBT is a dynamic multi-asset trading platform.

An intuitive user interface makes its products easy to use. It also offers a diverse set of features designed for the needs of all kinds of investors and traders, regardless of their experience levels.

The service package includes a cryptocurrency wallet, a margin trading platform, return-generating accounts, a trading academy and much more. To resolve queries in the shortest possible time, PrimeXBT provides the best customer service to its users.

PrimeXBT is one of the most innovative players and a fast-moving company in the trading platform industry.

Did you know that Prime XBT launches a great trading contest with a $ 100,000 prize pool!

November 29, 2021, PrimeXBT announced the launch of the first Grand Trading Competition ever with up to $ 100,000 in prize giving on their platform to quickly track the onboarding process for the new user to the competition module.

Using the competition module, PrimeXBT users, traders and investors can participate in a variety of multi-asset trading competitions, which will be held on a weekly and monthly basis directly on the trading platform.

No deposit, no entry fee and no start-up capital are required by the platform as a prerequisite for participating in the trading competition, making it absolutely risk free for investor, users and traders.

Virtual funds will be deployed by the platform to the participating user’s wallet.

The $ 100,000 prize pool will be shared among the top ten traders. The winner of the first place will receive a huge reward of $ 50,000, while the second place will receive $ 20,000 and the third place will receive $ 10,000. Based on relative rankings, all other winners will be rewarded with prizes between $ 500 and $ 7,000.

Dive deep into PrimeXBT’s competition module

The purpose of the competition module is to inspire friendly competition among the trading community.

A wealth of market opportunities and tools are available for the trader to choose from. Market opportunities include currency trading, cryptocurrency, metals, oil and even stock indices.

A rank-based global leaderboard system will be provided by the platform to display real-time market data to all its participating users.

The rewards will only be given to those users who can beat the opponent’s trader and achieve the highest ROI (Return on Investment).

How can you participate in PrimeXBT’s competitions and eventually become a multi-asset trader?

Step 1. Log in / register (register) using the email address and password.

Step # 2. To review all the active (ongoing) and upcoming competitions – click on “Competitions” in the platform’s main menu.

Step # 3. Choose the competition you are most interested in. To enter the competition – click on the “Enter” button. The “See” button helps the user to see how other competitors are doing in the competition.

Step # 4 Enter the username for each contest. Before entering the competition, make sure that the minimum qualification requirement is met and also meets the minimum requirement to enter and claim rewards.

Step # 5 Click the “Trade” button to get started. When the competition begins, users can see the ranking in real time on the rankings of all participants based on trading performance, which means the highest return on investment.

Step # 6 The “My competitions” tab helps the user to find more information about the competitions, how many people participate in the competition, their rank in the competition, the user’s turnover and trades.

After the contest is over, the winners will receive an informative email to receive their reward.

How does the competition module benefit you?

This competition is a great opportunity for a beginner trader who wants to start a career in trading, or an experienced trader who has a good understanding of trading, to get a comprehensive practical experience of the product.

The platform requires no KYC, making the onboarding process easier for merchants. There is absolutely no risk of losing all your money while trading in this competition. This is a virtual trading competition with virtual funds only, but the reward prize is paid out in actual fiat currency (USD).

Beginner-level traders will have the chance to learn and educate themselves about the diverse range of trading strategies practiced in the virtually simulated markets, without the risk of losing funds in the beginning.

On the other hand, experienced professional traders will have a chance to demonstrate and practice their skills in a safe risk-free simulated trading environment. This will encourage audiences, newcomers and partners to participate and engage in the platform.

Finally to conclude …

PrimeXBT offers one of the most secure trading platforms. Users can seamlessly access various markets and multiple asset trading features available on the platform.

Regardless of your background, if you have a real passion for the trading markets, do not wait, sign up for the competition right now.

And if you are interested in learning more about the multi-asset markets, then you should learn by doing or rather trading on the PrimeXBT simulated competitive trading platform.

Either way, enter the Grand Trading Competition today to grab a share of the $ 100,000 prize pool!

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