Minto Prepares to Increase Striker Rewards

In full compliance with the roadmap, Minto prepares to symbolize new mining power thereby increasing the rewards for BTCMT token holders. In preparation for this important point in the project timeline, the Minto DApp has already been added to popular wallets like BitKeep, Huobi Wallet and TokenPocket. Now you can use the Minto DApp with maximum ease by simply selecting it from your favorite wallet!

Minto Rewards

BitKeep Putting Minto Tokens at Your Fingertips!

BitKeep is a handy wallet app that supports almost all known blockchains and several thousand different coins and is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive multi-chain decentralized wallets in America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China, with integration from wallet, cross-chain, DeFi, Dapp and NFT. BitKeep strives to become the world’s largest decentralized service provider and bring the blockchain lifestyle within reach!

The Minto team emphasizes that BitKeep is an essential part of the HECO ecosystem. Thus, thanks to this partnership, the project’s clients will have another chance to store, transfer and convert their savings earned by storing, transferring and converting BTCMT tokens in the Huobi Eco Chain in the most convenient way. At the same time, one of the key features of the BitKeep wallet is the new BKswap service, which allows customers to convert digital assets between different blockchains. The Minto team is making every effort to ensure that the BTCMT token appears in BKSwap in the very near future!

IDO on WeStarter in the nick of time to get the Minto token for an attractive price

IDO is the second step in the process of increasing the project hashrate. On December 20, we will launch an IDO on the site of another Huobi ecosystem member, WeStarter. You can still participate! WeStarter is the most popular HECO-based cross-chain initial token swap platform and a kind of accelerator for DeFi projects. Due to its simplicity and versatility, WeStarter provides additional resource requirements for a wide variety of asset types and provides developers with plenty of options for their distribution, while remaining completely decentralized. Minto is confident in the great success of the IDO on WeStarter, as the IDO brought over 300 new token holders to the project a week earlier on the MMPro platform!

Minto tokens mature with MDEX listing

Finally, after the IDO on WeStarter, the Minto project will be listed on the MDEX exchange, which supports the decentralized BSC, HECO and ETH cross-chain transaction protocols and ranks first in the DEX ranking of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko state. This makes purchasing BTCMT tokens even more convenient and simple. This offer is most anticipated by all bitcoin mining enthusiasts, since, as we promised, the Minto token is finally becoming a full-fledged financial asset, and now you can not only profit from its stake, but also trade it freely in the market and enjoy all the other benefits of the new DeFi economy!

Minto strives to create value for its clients not only by generating revenue but also by providing a wide range of opportunities as the entire crypto industry evolves. All these steps will enable us to increase the number of BTCMT token holders, move closer to the tokenization of new computing power, and increase the income of Minto customers accordingly. We set goals and achieve them consistently!

About Minto

Minto is a digital currency project where merchants and consumers can get rewards in BTC by staking their BTCMT hashrate token. Minto launched a 65 MW high-tech data center in the advanced development area in the Republic of Karelia in northern Russia on the site of an abandoned aluminum plant. Minto plans to increase the data center hashrate to 120 MW, creating more than 200 permanent jobs.

The Minto team pays a lot of attention to the energy industry and uses only renewable resources. Thanks to the energy from hydroelectric plants, the project can minimize the carbon footprint of mining. Minto emphasizes the combination of high mining profitability and respect for the environment, which allows it to invest boldly in building new clean data centers and create a reliable infrastructure for continued steady development.

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