Maximize Your Crypto Interest Earnings With Hodlnaut

Today, cryptocurrency investors have plenty of options to earn crypto interest. If you want to earn passive income and do more than just buy and hold crypto, this is great news.

We’ve teamed up with Hodlnaut to show you one of the most beginner-friendly ways to maximize your crypto interest income. Hodlnaut’s free crypto interest account pays up to 12.73% APY in interest, has an incredibly low fee and allows you to manage your account right from your smartphone.

And right now, Hodlnaut has several exciting new features and bonuses that can help you maximize your crypto rewards.

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About Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut started in 2019 and is based in Singapore. This cryptocurrency lending company makes it easy for users to open a crypto interest account to start earning from their holdings. If your crypto is currently sitting in a wallet or an exchange with no interest, it may be time to make a change.

There are tons of crypto interest accounts out there. However, Hodlnaut is one of the more beginner-friendly and they have some of the highest interest rates available.

You can sign up for Hodlnaut if you are in the United States. After verifying your account, you can deposit various cryptocurrencies to earn interest instantly. Hodlnaut allows you to manage your account on the web version or through the Android or iOS app.

Getting Started with Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut lends the cryptocurrency you deposit to vetted corporate borrowers who need extra liquidity. In return, you receive interest on your investment. Currently, Hodlnaut currently accepts six cryptocurrencies and stablecoins:

Hodlnaut has no deposit fees or a minimum deposit amount. So it can be a good choice if you want to start exploring alternative crypto investments without investing a lot of capital.

Hodlnaut also has some of the best interest rates of the various loan options out there. The interest is accrued daily and is paid weekly on Monday. Your APY depends on the asset you deposit and the total value.

Here’s how Hodlnaut’s current interest rates vary between coins:

The nice thing is that you immediately receive the best interest. For example, Hodlnaut offers 12.73% APY in interest on the first 25,000 USDT you deposit. From there, interest rates fall according to levels, as can be seen in their Interest Rates Page

This fee structure allows you to get the most out of your crypto even if you don’t have a large initial investment. The fact that you are paid weekly also helps you get compounding earnings faster.

How To Maximize Your Crypto Interest Income With Hodlnaut

While Hodlnaut already offers competitive interest rates, there are several features and tips you can use to boost your profits even further. Here are five ways to maximize your crypto interest income with Hodlnaut.

Using Preferred Interest Payments

Hodlnuat pays standard interest in kind. This means that when you deposit BTC, you accrue interest in BTC.

However, Hodlnaut has a nifty new feature called preferential interest payout. This feature allows you to choose one of six supported assets to earn as interest. For example, you can deposit BTC but decide to switch to earning ETH.

Screenshot of Hodlnaut’s “preferent interest payout asset” drop-down menu

Compared to being stuck with in-kind payments, this feature has multiple benefits when you want to maximize your crypto interest income.

For starters, preferred interest payouts help you diversify your crypto portfolio. If you are itching to own a variety of cryptos and stablecoins, but don’t have a lot of money available to invest, then this is a unique solution for you to invest in another crypto on average in dollars.

Preferred interest payouts are also useful if you think the value of a particular cryptocurrency will rise in the future. For example, if you are happy with your ETH holdings, but think BTC will appreciate more, you can switch to earning BTC instead.

Exchange Tokens

Another way to maximize your crypto interest income with Hodlnaut is to use the token swap feature. As the name suggests, token swap allows you to swap one supported asset for another. For example, you can exchange some or all of your Bitcoin for Ethereum or another Hodlnaut-backed asset.

The best thing about this feature is that you don’t pay any fees. When you place an order, Hodlnaut shows a quote price that is valid for 30 seconds. This will let you know exactly how much crypto you will get after you trade a certain amount of crypto you own.

Hodlnaut also has a new one “Market Order” function that causes swaps to be executed immediately. Market orders may result in you getting a swap rate different from the quote price. However, the advantage is that market orders are executed immediately, which is useful in volatile markets where normal token swapping can be tricky.

Overall, this Hodlnaut feature is incredibly useful for rebalancing your asset allocation and diversifying your holdings. Plus, you start earning interest on your new assets the day you do a swap. So you can move assets quickly to ensure you always get the best rates.

Use Hodlnaut’s referral program

If your friends want to invest in crypto, Hodlnaut’s referral program is another excellent way to earn even more rewards.

For starters, you get a 10% commission from your referees’ crypto interest (This is not deducted from their earnings.) Commission is paid to your crypto interest account, just like regular payments. The type of interest you earn depends on how much money your friend deposits.

Your referrals also get a $20 bonus if they deposit $1,000 in a single trade as their first deposit or within a week of their first deposit. Hodlnaut does not restrict referrals and you can share your unique referral link via email, social media and SMS.

Vacation Airdrop and Referral Bonuses

Hodlnaut is running a Season of Giving campaign to help new and existing users earn even more rewards. The campaign will run until January 2, 2022 and will end at 11:59 PM (GMT+8). This is how the campaign works:

If you already have an account and have met the KYC requirements but have yet to deposit, you can still earn a $20 bonus by depositing at least $500 of a supported cryptocurrency.

The best part is that new one users can stack this holiday bonus with the existing Hodlnaut referral bonus† So if you deposit US$500 and then deposit another US$1,000 in a single transaction within a week of your first deposit, earn a total of $40I† You can also deposit $1,500 in advance to receive the $40 reward. Bonuses are paid out in kind on the cryptocurrency you deposit.

Fixed term deposits

If you want to deposit a larger amount of crypto, you can use Hodlnaut’s fixed term deposits instead.

This system allows you to lock up your crypto for 30, 90 or 180 days to earn a fixed amount of interest. You earn more the longer you lock your crypto. However, unlike Hodlnaut’s normal interest account, your earned interest will not be paid out until maturity and the interest earned will not be increased. After that, you will start earning daily interest as normal.

Here are the current fixed-term deposit rates from Hodlnaut:

Hodlnaut Fixed term deposits

Again, this option is best for large deposits as you can earn more interest than with Hodlnaut’s regular crypto interest account.

How to avoid costs with Hodlnaut

Compared to many cryptocurrency exchanges and lending platforms, it shouldn’t be that hard for Hodlnaut users to avoid fees. You never pay a down payment. And the fact that token swapping is free is also a plus.

In addition, with Hodlnaut . you can one free withdrawal per month† Please note that additional withdrawals will incur costs that vary depending on the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing:

Hodlnaut withdrawal fee (after one free withdrawal per month)

You can use Hodlnaut without worrying about monthly withdrawal fees. And even if you make more than one withdrawal per month, the transaction costs are modest.

Final Thoughts

If you want to earn passive income with crypto, now is one of the best times to use Hodlnaut. With competitive interest rates and countless holiday bonuses, you can put your crypto to work and generate meaningful returns instead of leaving it sitting in your wallet.

Plus, with free token swapping and preferred interest payouts, you can diversify your portfolio and maximize your crypto interest income.

To get started, sign up for Hodlnaut and earn up to US$40 in free crypto to kickstart the holiday season! You can also read our Hodlnaut review for even more information.

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