India Mobile Phone Companies Offer Rs 41+ Crores, 160,000+ Masks & 7050+ PPE Suits

The ongoing Coronavirus epidemic has brought a halt to the production of mobile phones and all closures. Although smartphone sales stopped while the Government allowed the sale of only essential commodities to reduce the spread of the virus. However, smartphone makers have been taking part in raising awareness about the virus.

According to information available online, many types of mobile phones have donated and provided essential medical equipment such as masks and PPE suites. Many of the brands developed a guarantee on their sales for 2-3 months.


Huawei, a well-known Chinese telecommunications company, took part in the fight against Coronavirus as it began to spread to China. Recently, the company has donated 7 crore to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PMCares Fund) and six other governments.

According to Economictimes, the company is also prepared to provide similar technical solutions to the Indian government that assisted Chinese authorities in the fight against Coronavirus. It is said to provide 5G + hot pictures that can accurately monitor a person’s temperature in real time while on the move.


OPPO also announced that it has provided Rs 1 crore to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF) and the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund. The company also suspended operations at its manufacturing facilities in the country during the closure period. In addition, OPPO also provides 60,000 masks to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


LG is also performing a reimbursement role during the Coronavirus crisis. The company is donating Rs 2 crore to Akshayapatra to provide more than 1 million meals to migrant workers and daily workers who are struggling to survive this crisis. He also mentioned the provision of equipment such as Water Purifier, Air conditioners, & Refrigerator to private hospitals and isolation wards. In addition, the South Korean company provides services to doctors and patients in 50 state and regional hospitals.


Realme, a sister of OPPO, has donated food through ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ and Zomato Feeding India. Two-week food supplies will be provided to 25,000 people who have lost their property due to the closure.


India is currently experiencing a severe shortage of medical equipment including masks and PPE. As the Government strives to increase production of much-needed equipment, a number of companies are coming to provide it. Vivo has donated more than 1 lakh masks to health workers in Maharashtra. As we all know, Maharashtra is the country most affected by more than 1574 cases.


OnePlus recently announced the launch of the app OnePlus 8 series worldwide on April 14. However, the company is also donating Rs 1 crore to the PMCares Fund to support whatever can be done to combat the epidemic. The company also provided 7,050 PPE suites and 6,220 medical Goggles in Telangana State to protect doctors, nurses, paramedics and other paramedics in the future.


Samsung is working with governments and states to address this critical issue. To combat the spread of Coronavirus, it offers thousands of PPE kits including Surgical Clothes, Facial Masks, Gloves, Protective Gloves, Leather Helmet and Shoe Coat. The company also offers Infra-red Thermometers and Public Addressal systems to assist executives. Samsung is also offering Air Purifiers to improve air quality in hospitals.

It also mentioned donations of cooked food packages to areas around its manufacturing facilities in the country. As part of Samsung Smart Healthcare’s state-of-the-art program, the company also donated Digital X-ray and Digital Ultrasound equipment to government hospitals. Samsung will be donating Rs 15 crore to PMCares Fund and Rs 5 crore to Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.


Xiaomi, which has been the number 1 brand in India for the past few years, has confirmed that it is promising Rs 15 million to fight the Coronavirus epidemic in the country. It will be donating Rs 10 crores to the PMCares Fund and funding to the Prime Minister in various countries. The company also partnered with Give India to raise Rs 1 crore to provide sanitation equipment to 20,000 families. In addition, Xiaomi is also partnering with non-governmental organizations to help needy families during the closing period.

You can also help our governments deal with the epidemic by providing PMCares or CM support funds in your area.

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