How to anonymize your Bitcoin using Samourai & Whirlpool

Learn to protect your security by ensuring your financial privacy.

Due to the open nature of Blockchain technology, it should come as no surprise that Bitcoin is far from anonymous, and is in fact the most open cryptocurrency in the whole world.

This of course means that people with significant wealth in cryptocurrencies are at risk of being harassed by all sorts of random strangers who might be stalking them.

However, with the right tools, features, and actions, you can actually achieve fairly effective anonymity over your Bitcoins. In addition, one of the most effective tools for anonymizing your Bitcoins today is a Samourai Wallet product called: Whirlpool.

The following guide shows you how to use this product yourself.

What is Samourai Wallet & Whirlpool?

The Samourai wallet is like any ordinary Bitcoin wallet, however, it has several instinctive features that set it apart from all other competitors in the market. And that’s it, it’s actually designed for real cypherpunkers from the ground up. Which means it offers a range of privacy enhancement features that can be used to manage coins in such a way that they can effectively break the link between their previous paths, or more simply, make them more anonymous.

Whirlpool is a mechanism that combines multi-participant or UTXO coins into a combined transaction with multiple inputs and outputs of the same size. Looking from the outside, it is almost impossible to determine which output belongs to which input. Unlike normal Bitcoin transactions, where there is usually one sender and one recipient. Whirlpool makes it extremely difficult for someone outside to track where a particular coin comes from and where it was sent.

If you are just starting out with a Samourai wallet, check out our previous guide before proceeding as it will go through a simple step-by-step guide on how to install and back up your wallet.

Anonymizing your Bitcoin

Prepare to mix and anonymize your Bitcoins on your mobile device using Whirlpool.

To use Whirlpool, you will need several Bitcoins, the current pool sizes are as follows:

  • 0.5 BTC + Whirlpool fee 0.025 – Min. deposit = 0.52500491 BTC
  • 0.05 BTC + Whirlpool fee 0.0025 – Min. deposit = 0.05250491 BTC
  • 0.01 BTC + Whirlpool fee 0.0005 – Min. deposit = 0.01050491 BTC

Make sure you have at least the minimum amount to pay the fee, and to enter Whirlpool, currently the minimum amount you can anonymize is just over 0.0105 BTC.

If you don’t have enough Bitcoin, simply detach the receiving card from your wallet and deposit some BTC. We recommend that you also enable TOR.

Once you have the required amount of Bitcoin for the pool of your choice, you can open the Whirlpool app from the bottom right corner by pressing the blue button that says “Whirlpool”.

It will then take a few seconds for the service to connect and load.

Whirlpool logo
Whirlpool Loading

From there, you can re-tag the blue Whirlpool logo in the lower right corner and select “Mix UTXO“or”Consume mixed UTXO“Since you don’t already have any shuffled coins, card on”Mix UTXO”To start shuffling and anonymizing your coins.


After selecting “Mix UTXO”You will be able to choose which UTXO you want to mix using Whirlpool, simply select the selected UTXO and the card on the blue FOLLOWING button.

At this point, you can influence the mixing cycle and its priority, or in other words, choose the amount of fee you want to spend to send these UTXOs to Whirlpool.

After selecting the priority, tab Review cycle details continue.

Now you can review the details of your Whirlpool cycle for the last time, confirm everything and if it looks good to you, the card Start the cycle to start the mixing process.

Choice of fee for Whirlpool
Whirlpool pool
Whirlpool begins the cycle

Before the transaction is broadcast, a Doxxic Change pop-up window will appear asking you to decide what you want to do with the rest Unmixed change from this transaction.

We recommend that you choose THAT, because it indicates an unmixed change as “Don’t spend“You can always do it manually.

The importance of this choice is that at no point do you want to mix your anonymized coins with your unmixed coins, as this would deanonymize all the work you have previously done.

Note: The wallet will automatically keep yours POST MIXED transaction coins in a separate place!

When you submit a transaction, you will receive a notification for the transaction ID.

Once the broadcast is over, you will return to the Whirlpool main screen, and after you move away from the Whirlpool screen, you will see a pending transaction, and the remaining Unmixed change is marked as Not Spending.

Once the initial Whirlpool transaction receives confirmation on the blockchain, shuffling will begin, you can now move the Whirlpool screen and follow your shuffling process.

And once the screen loads, you’ll see your pre-mix UTXO in line for mixing.

Whirlpool Main screen
Queuing to mix

Congratulations, your coins should be mixed up now!

Once blended, these POST-MIXED UTXOs will disappear from the main Whirlpool screen, but you can see them by pressing the card Samouraja logo in the upper left corner, this will take you to the POST-MIX section of Whirlpool.

From here you can send these coins as you would any normal unmixed coin, just mark Send button in the lower right corner and select the address you want to use.

Remember: you don’t want to mix these coins with unmixed coins at any point!

After mixing the coins
Sending post-mixed coins

And so you anonymize your coins using Samoura Whirlpool !!

But now you may be wondering, what to do with the remaining Unmixed Change coins?

Our suggestion would be to leave those remnants of the coins there to wait for later mixing, as you gather enough trinkets, you will eventually be able to mix them up as well.

Keep in mind that Samourai also has many more advanced tools in its arsenal, it is recommended for example to use Cahoots Coinjoins for enhanced privacy when spending from a post-mix address. Alternatively, Samourai will try to use STONEWALL by default.

These are just a few examples of the many other privacy features that Samourai offers, the most important thing is that you now know how to anonymize your Bitcoins using Whirlpool.

For more detailed information on all features, we suggest you visit Web page.

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