Google’s Android 11 has arrived, bringing 5G updates and screens – Advanced!

Google Android 11 has arrived! The Mountain-View technology giant has released the first developer. a snapshot of his new Android device maker. These tools include – Google Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3 / 3XL / 3a and the recently released Pixel 4 and 4 XL. However, the original Pixel released four years ago would probably have been hit by this time, thanks to the manufacturer’s preview. There’s a new Android 11 logo with an analog 11 orientation, featuring Android 11, obviously. If you want to install Google Android 11 Developer Preview, you can go to the link provided. ‘Pano’. Note, of course, it is not necessary to say, you can get tons of bugs as it is still the first beta of the new production machine.

The official version of Android 11 could be released in the second half of this year and could have the launch of new Pixel devices, probably the Pixel 5 series. 12 May – 14 May) this year. In the meantime, there may be several views on either one or two. Until then, let’s take a look at what the new Android 11 offers with the most recent views, with the exception of the brand.

The most anticipated has come with the new Android 11 which is supposed to have a new dedicated camera and new chats. These were already developed differently from iOS and Apple in the past. However, logging into Android 11 is worth mentioning. Further, according to Google, the major advantages of the new Android 11 are said to be the introduction of curved mobile phones and 5G technology. For more information, Google first spoke with the viewers, with Android Q / 10, last year.

Notable features offered in Android 11, according to Google

– Google claims to be upgrading the existing AP 11 connectivity APIs to take advantage of 5G speed changes.
– Android 11 also supports new graphics, which include Pinhole screens provided by Samsung and Huawei phones as well as waterfalls, also provided by Huawei with brands like Vivo and OPPO.
– Android 11, as we mentioned, brings up the Chat berry, a dedicated chat section, and you can now upload photos to instant responses provided in the notification area.
– There are updates in the Neural Networks API that are supposed to streamline operations through Machine Learning on its Android devices.
– In terms of privacy, Android 11 now gives you access to your device only once, instead of using the app, which was launched by Android 10, last year. This seems like a very important step for Google, in terms of privacy issues.

Apart from these well-known ones, there are other important changes in the field of Security, such as – additional support for Biometrics authentication, data storage and sharing, and much more. There is a new look at App integration on Android 11 when it comes to Google Play System updates. Google also claims to have cleared some of the communication channels it includes – mobile monitoring, Wi-Fi API extensions. And lastly, Google also brings photo editing with a single camera with very low cost features.

Google has released the Android 11 Developers Show, where users of the above-mentioned devices can immediately put themselves at risk. That said, the new developer of Developer Preview is the first release of the original version, which was usually released until March. As a result, we can expect to see one or two builders with more bug fixes and more improvements with Google in the coming months.

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