Google Maps Plus codes allow you to easily store and share your home addresses in India

Google India today announced that users of Google Maps can now access their location to find Plus Code addresses in their home. Combined Codes are free, open, digital addresses that provide simple and accurate addresses of any location in the World, including locations that do not have accurate addresses, Google said.

Google launched Code Plus in India in 2018, and since its inception it has been approved by Indian NGOs and governments because it serves the needs of millions of people.

Instead of street and area names, Extra Code takes the length and length and is displayed as a short sequence of numbers and letters, providing accuracy to the entrance. Plus Code also helps people find and visit businesses.

Plus Codes addresses can be easily accessed, ranging from receiving food, medicine, or packaging, sending space to friends or relatives, without having to worry about sharing labeled addresses, or verbal instructions that may be vague.

When you save ‘Home’ location on Google Maps, users in India will see ‘Use your location’ which uses the location of your phone to create a Plus Code (if the location is very accurate,) which they can use as their Home address.

There is also a new section at the top of the “Saved” tab to make it easier to find, download, and share these home addresses. This feature is only available on Android, but will be available on iOS devices soon.

Commenting on the launch, Amanda Bishop, Product Manager, Google Maps said:

In addition to human-led efforts, we are also committed to empowering users of Plus Code addresses for their daily needs. We tested this in India last month, and are excited to share that more than 300,000 users in India have already obtained their home addresses using Plus Codes. We look forward to growing in a wide variety of areas, and are actively looking for opportunities to connect with e-commerce, logistics, and import companies, to enhance our experience with more people around the world.

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