Earn free Bitcoin by simply surfing the web

Learn how to earn free bitcoin by simply doing your usual web browsing.

The cryptocurrency world is full of some of the most unique projects that give you lots of different passive crypto income opportunities. And these two are no different as they let you earn free Bitcoin by simply doing your usual search and browsing on the internet!

These two platforms are called the Brave browser and the Presearch search engine.

The way this works is that the Brave browser automatically blocks ads and trackers, while giving users a choice to earn BAT tokens, by letting the user choose whether they want the browser to anonymously monitor the user’s attention or not, while The Presearch search engine rewards users. with PRE tokens from just searching the internet!

To get started earning Bitcoin by surfing the web it goes like this:

  1. Download and install Brave Browser.
  2. Create an account for the Presearch search engine.
  3. Combine the two platforms by making Presearch the default search engine on the Brave browser.

Below you will find each project with more details and a short step by step guide on how to use them in practice by combining them both for the best possible results.

Brave Browser - Earn free Bitcoin by surfing the web

Brave is the browser of the cryptocurrency era. Like other browsers, it lets users navigate websites, run web-based applications, view online content, and is also free to download and use.

But where Brave differs radically from other conventional browsers is its built-in add-on blocking technology. The browser has a built-in authentication system to remember which websites users have visited without disclosing this information to any third party.

Why this is extremely convenient is because users now have a choice as to whether or not they want to anonymously support tracking of their browser habits. And by allowing anonymous tracking, users can benefit from revenue generated by their attention.

And unlike normal browsers, where users track every single move but get no revenue from advertisers, this is obviously good news for anyone using the Internet. Not only can you stay private by design, but you can also earn (BAT) cryptocurrency next door by doing so.

Brave Browser was created by Brave Software, and it was co-founded by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

How to get started with Brave Browser?

To get started with Brave Browser, simply visit the website and download the browser to the platform of your choice. You will then install the browser from which it is ready to go, unless you want to do the usual tweaking of bookmarks and settings, which can also be imported with just a click of the mouse.

All in all, the Brave browser is very easy to get started with, if you are already able to browse this article then you can definitely set it up as well and start earning some amazing FREE cryptocurrency rewards.

Download Brave Browser!

Try Search Engine - Earn Free Bitcoin by Surfing the Internet

Presearch is an open decentralized search engine that thrives on rewarding users and community members with Presearch Tokens (PRE) for contributing and promoting the platform.

Search engines are the refuge of the world wide web. And the world certainly deserves an alternative search engine that is openly transparent and involves the community in product development.

Never before have so few organizations controlled the flow of information for so many people. And this is where Presearch comes in, as it is a perfect fit that ensures real impartial search results and safe escape to the internet.

Unlike Google and other major search engines that have had really many years, and with their unlimited resources to become more transparent in how they use our data and what they do with it, these organizations have become more and more secretive.

Not only is Presearch open and transparent with clear motives for making the Internet a better place for everyone, but it also funds its activities through a transparent advertising system that enables advertisers to bid on keywords and sponsorship results. These ads can be purchased using the PREs via auction, which increases the use of the ecosystem.

How to get started with Presearch Search Engine?

Getting started with Presearch is super simple as it does not really require you to do anything other than switch search engine you have chosen to use.

However, in order to earn rewards from your searches, you need to create an account in order for the system to recognize who should reward for the searches.

You can do all of the above on the Presearch website.

Sign up for the Presearch Search Engine!

To combine the two

Getting started by combining Brave Browser and Presearch Search Engine is as easy as 1,2,3. Anyone can do it and it only takes a few seconds!

Once you have downloaded and set up Brave Browser, registered on Presearch, we can combine the two by making Presearch the default search engine on Brave Browser.

Brave browser

To do this, first go to Brave browser settings and find the “Search Engine” tab, which can be found from the left side of the panel, from there you can now add other search engines.

Similar to the image above, you will then name this search engine, give it a unique keyword and copy and paste the required URL, in the last section where it says “URL with% si instead of query”.

Here is the required URL for the last section, copy and paste this into your Brave Browser: https://www.presearch.org/search?term=% s

When you have finished editing the search engine settings, click Save and finish your work by changing the newly added search engine to become your default Brave browser.

Prior search engine

You should now have Presearch as your default search engine in the Brave browser, and it should work right away. You can try this by searching for something, and if all went well, you will see the Presearch logo appear on the left side every time you perform a new search.

Remember that you must be logged in to your Presearch account in order for the search results to be recorded as your earnings.

And that’s it! you have now successfully established two new passive cryptocurrency sources of income. You can now keep your profits either in BAT & PRE tokens or convert them to Bitcoin!

Transforming browsing profits into Bitcoin

To get your BAT & PRE token surplus in Bitcoin, there is a separate method for each token that you need to review, and here is a brief guide to each.

  • Transformation of BAT tokens into Bitcoin.
    • For Bat, you can simply confirm your BAT wallet, from which, if you log in to your uphold account, you can set rewards that are automatically transferred to Bitcoin.
  • Transforms PRE tokens into Bitcoin.
    • To convert PRE tokens to Bitcoin, you must first acquire the minimum payout amount, which in this case is at least 1000 tokens. When you have the least amount needed, you can simply exchange these tokens on a variety of crypto exchanges. The most liquid exchange of PRE tokens, and the one we recommend using is KuCoin.


While there are countless other options for making money on Bitcoin, there is honestly nothing that beats anything passive that you do not have to work for after the initial setup.

It’s also important to note that while Brave claims to be a privacy-focused browser, a proper Bitcoin VPN is a must-have tool for any true crypto enthusiast, and anytime you surf the web while dealing in cryptocurrencies!

That said, Brave, and Presearch are certainly some of our personal favorite projects in al crypto, because of the impact they have on ordinary people and how they bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the general public.

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