Dogecoin Eyes up $0.20 But will EverGrow Coin Get There First?

by Analytics Insight
Apr 20, 2022

For cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and EverGrow Coin, reaching a price of $1 is a psychological milestone that speaks of long-term success.

Dogecoin came extremely close to its target last May when DOGE was worth $0.7376, but has since struggled to match the dollar. Reflection token EverGrow Coin also wants to grow in price from its current all-time high of $0.000003379. While it arguably has to travel more distance to reach $1, EverGrow Coin’s roadmap is arguably the stronger of the two.

It is like that because Dogecoin must rely on a mix of merchant acceptance, media headlines, and popularity to achieve its goal. Meanwhile, EverGrow Coin has a roadmap that makes hitting $1 just a matter of time.

Automatic Coin Burns Could Make EverGrow Coin A Top 20 Crypto Token This Year

EverGrow Coin only launched in September 2021, but the team of top developers and financial professionals has benefited from Dogecoin’s growth since 2013. They know the importance of a $1 valuation and have mechanisms in place to achieve this goal – they call it buybacks. and burn (BB+B).

EverGrow Coin is a hyper-deflationary token that charges 14% transaction tax on all $EGC buy/sell orders. In total, between 2-3% is set aside for strategic coin burns, which reduce the price of EverGrow Coin artificially and thus every month ensure that the crypto token moves centimeters further towards its target.

As EverGrow Coin chairman Sam Kelly explained: Twitter last week, a jump to more than $1 million in trading volume thanks to EGC’s new DigiFinex listing led to more than $35,000 collected for buybacks and burn by hours. EverGrow Coin just saw one of its best trading days all year to hit over $3M in volume April 17 – that’s more than $90,000 collected for burning coins in one day.

With an ambitious roadmap close to launching key applications such as an NFT marketplace, content subscription platform, exchange, wallet and a metaverse experience, EverGrow Coin is likely to continue to rise in price in 2022.

Dogecoin payments in AMC theaters and possible Twitter role

Dogecoins By far the most famous lender is Elon Musk. Tesla CEO Named Dogecoin His Own favorite crypto token, his tweets have often led to $DOGE price surges. Earlier in April, Elon Musk was revealed as the biggest Twitter stakeholder, and he later suggested that Dogecoin is used for payments and tips on the microblogging network.

Dogecoin rose to $0.17 after the news but failed to break past $0.20 this year. Dogecoin fell below this key figure in December last year and bulls have marked it as an important milestone for Dogecoin’s growth in 2022.

FX Street analysts have forecast a rally to $0.20 soon, but noted that prices have stalled between $0.13 and $0.15. Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev recently suggested that Dogecoin could break past these support levels, but that the cryptocurrency will soon need to ramp up its transaction speeds to have a chance of competing with companies like Visa.

Conclusion: Will EverGrow Coin Outperform Dogecoin in 2022?

EverGrow Coin and Dogecoin represent two competing crypto camps vying for market dominance. Dogecoin wants to be adopted as a major cryptocurrency used for transactions, while EverGrow Coin just needs time to make its innovative hyper-deflationary tokenomics work for its investors.

However, the roadmaps for each cryptocurrency are different, and the first to reach $0.20 in 2022 could hint at the future of Dogecoin and EverGrow Coin in the growing cryptocurrency industry.

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