CryptX Terminal Review: Your One Stop Shop for Secure Crypto Trading

With the evolving market scenarios and rapidly changing market conditions, it has become a necessity for professional traders to have accounts with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in order to take advantage of the maximum opportunities.

However, splitting your investments across different stock exchange platforms can make it difficult for you to manage your investments and lead to losses if it is not correct.

In this blog we will review a crypto terminal, which allows you to merge your investments across different exchanges, track performance, execute trades, build strategies, backtest, all on a single platform.

That CryptX Terminal is a one-stop solution for handling all your requirements related to cryptocurrency trading. Let’s take a closer look at the platform.

Summary: CryptX Terminal Review

CryptX is a blockchain and FinTech service company based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and is known for its products such as CryptX Wallet, a multi-currency wallet, and Cryptal Exchange. It also offers various allied services related to the development of the crypto market.

The development of CryptX Terminal was started in 2018 and was launched in February 2021. In the year 2020, the team was awarded a grant from the Georgian Innovation & Technology Agency to support the development of the platform.

CryptX Terminal supports API links to 10 different crypto exchanges and allows you to configure seven different types of bots for automated trading.

Exchanges supported

Currently, CryptX Terminal supports API links on 10 leading global cryptocurrency exchanges and lets you trade, manage orders and stocks, track the market through your own CryptX Terminal account. The supported exchanges include:

  • Binance,
  • Kraken,
  • KuCoin,
  • HitBTC,
  • OKEx,
  • Coinbase Pro,
  • Bittrex,
  • Bitfinex and
  • Bit stamp.

CryptX terminal functions

The CryptX terminal has a very sleek UI / UX that lets you get started with the process of connecting exchanges and placing trades at any time. Some of the terminal’s hardcore features include:

Pre-programmed trading bots: The terminal offers two categories of bots, one is used for portfolio management strategy and the other is for creating trading strategies.

In portfolio management strategy, you can use Accumulator and Multi Order Accumulator to manage the task of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

While CryptX Terminal offers seven different kinds of bots under trading strategies, including Arbitrage, Bollinger Band, Combo, Moving Average Conversion / Divergence, Order Chain, Relative Strength Index.

You can combine and backtest different strategies to find the most effective trading strategy for yourself.

Analysis report and KPIs: You can analyze your past performance and export built-in trading reports to share between your trading groups.

The terminal helps you build a customizable report that helps you analyze and compare different trading strategies against set goals and make future projections accordingly.

All-in-one market view: You can get an overview of the market and all information at your fingertips without having to switch between different exchanges. It enables rapid price detection and execution of trades across multiple exchanges and tracks portfolio performance in a compact and manageable format.

Pricing plans

CryptX Terminal has three pricing plans for its users and one can choose based on trading preferences and requirements. The price plan includes:

  • Starting plan (free): Suitable for intermediate traders and beginners, you can access one account and connect up to two exchanges.

Within the plan, you can trade up to a maximum of $ 10,000 monthly, have one active bot, one backtest per day, monthly KPI reporting and access to standard support.

  • Advanced plan ($ 37 per month): Suitable for advanced or professional traders, you can have unlimited accounts and can connect up to 10+ exchanges.

Within the plan, your maximum monthly trading limit will be $ 1,000,000, have ten active bots, 100 backtests a day, annual KPI reporting and access to standard support.

  • Professional plan ($ 74 per month): Ssuitable for professional traders who like to trade in large quantities. The professional plan allows you to have an unlimited account and connect up to 10+ exchanges.

There is no limit to the amount of monthly trading volume within the plan; it can have unlimited bots to perform trades, 1000 backtests a day, lifetime KPI reporting and access to dedicated VIP support.

Under both advanced and professional plans, the first month is free for all users.

How to register at CryptX Terminal

The registration process on CryptX Terminal is easy and can be completed in minutes.

You must register at CryptX Terminal with your email ID and confirm your email ID to complete the sign-up process. No KYC documents are required to access the terminal’s functions.

Upon successful registration, log in to your account and go to the Account section and click on Add Account to connect to the exchange by entering the passphrase, public key and private key to your exchange account.

Once added, you can visit the Dashboard section of the terminal, where you get an overview of your portfolio performance, trading history, previous transactions, portfolio allocation (at exchanges) and your active bots.

Several bots are listed under the Bot section that you can select according to your trading preferences.


CryptX Terminal is a non-custodian platform, which means that the platform does not store your digital assets with itself. Other security features on the platform include:

  • Architectural safety: It includes security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your asset and reduce the chances of account fraud and abuse.
  • Infrastructure security: The terminal’s web server and application are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring maximum security on the platform.
  • Organizational security: The CryptX terminal has achieved ISO / IEC 27001, which meets the highest standards of information security and policies to prevent fraudulent activities.

Customer support

To get support or to resolve any issues you face with the terminal, you can raise a support ticket using your email ID, which CryptX Terminal managers will address. Alternatively, you can reach them on their social media accounts on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

They also have a comprehensive knowledge base that includes general information about the platform, connection to exchange and automation with bots.

Conclusion: Do you need to sign up for CryptX Terminal?

CryptX Terminal is built for serious traders who want to improve their quality of trades and increase the profitability rate without getting involved in the complexity of managing different stock market accounts.

Through CryptX Terminal, you can simplify your trading operations and easily automate your trading journey.

It offers a clean and user-friendly trading interface that is easy to understand and can even be operated by a beginner who knows how to trade using technical indicators.

One of the biggest benefits of using CryptX Terminal is that it is more affordable than other platforms that offer similar services. Trading cryptocurrencies is risky, but CryptX Terminal helps minimize these risks and increase your trading in cryptocurrencies.

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