Best Tezos (XTZ) wallets to store XTZ in 2022

Tezos is quietly developing its platform undisturbed by the price action around crypto.

In my opinion, this should be the hallmark of a legitimate and dedicated project.

I know many of you may be aware of Tezos’ first mess, where there was a class action lawsuit against it and then some internal conflicts after raising a large $ 232 million ICO in 2017.

But for your and my relaxation:

Tezos has overcome all these challenges and is now accelerating steadily towards its product development as its mainnet went live in September 2022.

With the mainnet launch, its tokens (Tezzies XTZ) also went live and can be traded now.

Many of you may have bought Tezos and kept it on exchange, but it is not a recommended practice. That’s why today we present you an exhaustive list of Tezos purses to keep your Tezzies safe.

Top Tezos (XTZ) wallets

Let us without any delay get directly into our top picks for the best tezos purses for use in 2022

# 1. Ledger Nano X [Recommended Tezos Wallet]

Tezos are fast becoming popular, and many long-term HODLers like you keep it in the Ledger Nano X as a wallet.

In case you did not know, Ledger Nano X is the recently launched hardware wallet of the Ledger SAS company – a pioneer in the manufacture of crypto-security solutions since 2015.

It is a hardware wallet without storage, where you get the germ of your money to control all your cryptocurrencies stored on the Ledger Nano X device.

In addition, it is a Bluetooth-enabled device with a battery that makes it possible to use wirelessly with iOS and Android devices.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a Tezos holder and want to secure your Tezos in the best possible way !! Look no further than the Tezos-supported Ledger Nano X wallet.

Buy Ledger Nano X now

# 2. Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet)

Ledger Nano S is one of the most reliable hardware wallets for more than 700 cryptocurrencies including Tezos.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Ledger Nano S should pause for a moment because this is without a doubt the most secure crypto-wallet out there.

It is a small pen-drive-like device that can be accessed via their desktop wallet (Ledger Live).

Using Ledger Live, you can install the Tezos app on your device and then connect it to a third-party GUI interface such as TezBox to manage their Tezos.

By using Ledger Nano S and TezBox you can be sure that your Tezos funds are safe and can also safely delegate your Tezos funds through them.

Buy Ledger Nano S now

# 3. TezBox (Web & Desktop Wallet)

TezBox is one of the pioneers of Tezo’s GUI wallet to be made by the Tezos community.

TezBox is available now as a web wallet and as a desktop wallet for Mac and Windows users. But Linux and mobile users (Android & iOS) have to wait.

In addition, it is a secure wallet interface for Tezos, as all private keys are stored securely on your device.

For added security, the TezBox GUI wallet is also integrated with Ledger Nano S & Trezor, making it the first wallet to do so.

The wallet interface is very user-friendly, and developers can also easily integrate their DApps using TezBox.

Check out TezBox

# 4. CorTez (Mobile wallet)

CorTez is another community-developed Tezos wallet, but the good news is that it’s for Android users.

CorTez is developed by a team of developers from Paris, Frace and aims to bring maximum security to Tezo’s mobile users.

In addition, it is a 100% open source and gives you 24-word mnemonics when you initialize your CorTez wallet for the first time.

This mnemonic must be kept secret as anyone with this mnemonic will be able to use your Tezos funds.

To increase security, enter a master password for your CorTez wallet while configuring it for the first time.

This password will be used to protect your private keys: to send ꜩ to an address, the user must enter the master password (or use the fingerprint if the option is checked).

Download CorTez Wallet

# 5. (Mobile wallet) is a free-for-all wallet for Android users to protect their Tezos effortlessly.

You can create your identity and accounts efficiently using and also enable, delegate, transfer and receive Tezos (XTZ).

On the security front, you do not have to worry much as they take adequate precautions so that your secret only stays with you. Multilevel encryption of your keys on the device and in memory will leave hackers in despair, so just relax.

Furthermore, it is always synchronized with Tezo’s blockchain to keep you updated in real time with your account, which is even enhanced by their fast notification system.

To get started with this wallet, you no longer need to perform a KYC check or sign in with your email ID. Instead, you can download the wallet right away and start using it.

Note: is available in the trial version for iOS users and therefore we would not recommend it to iOS users now.

Download wallet

# 6. WeTez (Mobile wallet)

Are you looking for another Android wallet for Tezos?

Well, we have it for you !!

Wetez is an Android wallet for Tezos that allows you to store / send / receive / manage XTZ (Tezos). In addition, you can also perform the delegation work from this wallet by checking your delegate, adding the amount, adding bond and refunding.

Note: Do not use their iOS app as it is still incomplete.

Check out the WeTez Wallet

# 7. BakeChain (Desktop Wallet)

BakeChain a multi-platform wallet for Tezo’s token storage and its baking.

Baking is another name for betting evidence on betting currencies like Tezos. Using the intuitive BakeChain desktop wallet, you can manage and bake Tezos.

It’s a lightweight desktop wallet that does not require you to download the entire blockchain and run a full node.

Eventually, your private keys will only be stored on your desktop when you use the BakeChain wallet, but so far this wallet is only available in beta for Windows and Mac.

Check out the BakeChain Wallet

# 8. Tezzerwallet (Desktop Wallet)

Tezzer is the official Tezos (XTZ) wallet released in July 2022.

It is a lightweight desktop wallet for storing and managing your Tezos funds, where you are not required to run a full node or download the entire blockchain.

Originally, this easy-to-use wallet was developed exclusively by Tezos community members, and was later reviewed by the Tezos Foundation to strengthen trust in the wallet.

It’s a windows purse only where you stay in control of your money because you get the start words to secure your Tezos. Here it is official installation instructions to help you set up Tezzer official Tezos wallet.

Download Tezzerwallet now

# 9. T3 wallet (Web Wallet)

T3Wallet is an open source Tezos wallet web application. By using this wallet you can build locally and also use it offline for the best security.

It is a non-depository wallet where you control your seed and thus the private keys to your wallet. The best practice is to write down your mnemonic phrase (seeds) on a piece of paper and keep it safe because you will need it to access your wallet.

You can also use this wallet with Ledger Nano S because the integration has already been performed for superior security practices.

Use the T3 We Wallet now

# 10. Magnum wallet (Web Wallet)

Magnum is an extremely secure and intuitive web wallet for Tezos as well as several other cryptocurrencies.

It is one of the very few multi-currency web wallet applications where you manage your money using a single password and a backup file.

By using this wallet, you send / receive / store your Tezos effortlessly. And not only that, Magnum gives you access to a dedicated window for a one-click delegation service, where users can select a master node and delegate their XZT with a single click.

Check out the Magnum Wallet

# 11. SimpleHold (Mobile & Web Wallet)

SimpleHold Wallet is one of the best Tezos wallets you can use.

SimpleHold Wallet comes in mobile for iOS and Android and web browsers for Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, where you can manage more than 50 cryptocurrencies including Tezos

With SimpleHold, you control the private keys to your cryptocurrencies because it is a non-custodian wallet. Here you can also manage, hold and collect your NFTs of the cryptosphere.

SimpleHold’s integration with hardware wallets like Ledger & Trezor makes it very secure as well as easy to use for a majority of users.

Finally, SimpleHolds multi-currency wallet is being integrated with SimpleSwap- which will help SimpleHolds users exchange a crypto-other crypto smoothly without leaving their platform.

Check out SimpleHold out

Over to you now!

Well, all these wallets I have mentioned here are relatively new to the market because it has only been a year since Tezo’s blockchain went live.

So assuming all of these wallets will be free of any bugs would be a mistake, but I would suggest using Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X combined with TezBox because they are one of the oldest Tezos- purses on the market.

And besides that, you can also try their official Tezos wallet (Tezzer) with Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X and even Cryptonomics Galleon Tezos wallet.

I have attached download links in each wallet section, so feel free to use them and do not forget to share your experience with us

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