Apple’s Alleged iOS 14 Internal Video Leak showcases the New Multitasking feature of iPhones

Apple is about to launch Apple 14, which often has to be unveiled at WWDC 2020, probably in June as every year – there seems to be a new video of its original design that appeared on the internet. The video was first downloaded by Ben Geskin (a well-known tipster) according to 91 phoneswhich also shows what the multitasking team looks like in the upcoming iOS 14.

According to the video that appeared on the internet, we are seeing the iPhone 11 Pro Max which is thought to be the iPhone 11 Pro Max, running on a new iOS 14 version to come. foundation. The new multitasking page seems to be similar to what we have seen on iPads running on iPadOS recently. An internal release of iOS 14 which is said to show a pile of moving images and operating systems with multiple compartments along with a video display that is moving in the same direction.

The video of the show also introduces a new multitasking team and how we can get rid of these apps by moving them faster, to end the program in the background. And, unlike the recent multitasking team where we can see a very recent snapshot of the latest operating system, here at the iOS 14 multitasking pane, we can now take a look at the four apps that are playing in the background, namely. It is useful for iPhone as well as iPads. Also, since with a ‘Max-size’ phone it doesn’t look small, but, on smaller iPhones, like a 5.7-inch screen, it will be interesting to see how this fits or shortens. the floor is visible.

Also, tipster Ben Geskin it also states that it is not a lie or a breach of the prison according to its origin and confirms that the new switch is the same switch, which we saw on iPads – called the Grid switcher, and can be re-opened internally. The so-called iOS 14 builders. They also shared photos of the iOS 14 built-in built-in iPhone along with the App Switcher app that looks like the built-in iOS 14.

On the same screen, we can see some of the options in the App Switcher interface, which gives us some options on many options including – Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, and Minimum Viable Switcher. Since it’s an internal builder now it’s hard to pinpoint which switch might be the default for future iOS 14 builds. Or, interestingly we can see a few more choices, and just think as deeply as they are here.

Tipster also confirmed that the information shared with the source is the same person who shared Volume UI on iOS 13. However, this exciting new update to the upcoming iOS 14 release, looks refreshing and could be new to future iPhone users as a new team multitasking should be approved and finalized in the next iOS version. . As mentioned, we can make our first look at iOS 14 at WWDC this year, probably in June, the dates have not yet been confirmed.

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