Apple discusses allowing users to change the default browser & email on iOS devices: Report

Cupertino chief executive Apple says it is in talks to allow its iOS users to switch to non-standard apps such as – Safari browser and Mail app, according to Bloomberg. The report also points out, citing the results as a result of the affair, Apple is considering allowing other apps / competitors, which could mean you can replace the Google Chrome / Firebox browser with Safari as default. browser on your iOS support device including iPads and iPhones, in the future. This is similar to what Apple thinks third-party music can be played on the company’s HomePod, rather than just Apple Music service.

The report also shows that Apple has not allowed third-party applications to replace apps that have been installed on iOS since the launch of the App Store in 2008. Moreover, this seems to have added to the concerns of corporate distrust. The fact is that there are a number of third-party browsers and email apps for iOS devices, but they can not be configured to be unstable on the aforementioned devices, from now on. The current session may change this in the future, after which you will no longer be able to rely on Safari or the default Mail app on your iOS device. This could mean that Apple will allow you to uninstall these apps on your iOS phone just as it does with Calculator, Apple Maps or Apple Watch!?, Well, which still doesn’t make sense.

Other than that, Apple still allows other apps to choose from as default browsers, or default maps, in this case, but this is only available for open connections within the app. By agreeing to a third party service to be set up as default, it may indicate that any links assigned to you in the text or messages and clicks may take you to Google Chrome / Firefox or any other browser you choose, instead. takes you to the Safari browser, at random. The same applies to email, although there are several email apps that you can install from the App Store, you can send an email with the default Mail app within the environment. This will change, and, instead, you can select the Gmail app, send an email, for example, only if ongoing conversations are taking place.

The report also said that being the world’s best-selling smartphone app adds value, which now includes apps already launched by Apple. In addition, there are 38 non-standard apps, pre-installed on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, including Safari, Maps, Mail and Messages, according to Bloomberg. In addition, as mentioned earlier, if these discussions are approved then support for new third-party content may be supported through OTA modification or editing and subsequent iOS releases.

In other news, Apple has recently released the iOS 13.4 public apps and beta and from now on, the latest release on iOS is iOS 13.3.1, which runs on iPhones plus the latest iPhone 11 series.

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