Aarogya Setu: India’s First Coronavirus Tracking Program

The Indian government has launched Aarogya Setu, the first Coronavirus-run program in the country. The app uses the phone user’s presence and Bluetooth to determine if the user has been in close proximity to a Covid-19 patient. This is made possible by the Coronavirus patient government network connected to the new Aarogya Setu program.

Last week, reports said the government had been working to track coronaviruses on both iOS and Android platforms. The beta version was called CoWIN 20, however, the government had made it official for Android users under the Aarogya Setu moniker in the Google Play Store. The new Covid 19 tracking app is under the official NIC eGov Mobile Apps category on the Play Store.

So how does it work?

As mentioned, the Aarogya Setu app is available for Android. Availability of iOS is still unknown. If you are an Android user you can install it immediately by clicking Pano.

When you install the app, it asks for the language you want and there are several languages ​​(the app provides support for 11 languages) making it accessible nationwide.

You must register your mobile number and provide details such as name, age, occupation, international travel. After providing the information, it looks at the government repository and uses your Bluetooth proximity sensor and shows whether you are safe or not. If you are not safe, the program encourages you to isolate yourself and take action.

Note that user-provided information is said to be stored and sent to a government server anonymously.

Along with the surveillance of the data, the app also monitors a range of 6 meters to determine if it was in close proximity to an infected patient using Bluetooth.

Tracing as a map

According to a TNW Report, in testing the beta program, the features of the same app revealed a lot about how the app works. The report provides an example, for example, if a person went to a party in the past, and in just a few days, if someone was diagnosed with the virus; a program that uses a map-tracking system to notify the user to test COVID 19 since the user has attended the meeting. In addition, users can also call the same alert system and alert users to be alert.

However, this type of map tracking was in beta-type government-enabled mode. The availability of this feature on the new Aarogya Setu program is still unknown.

All in all, this is another way to protect ourselves from the Indian government following Coronavirus patients and we also encourage our readers to install this program immediately.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Real-time Tracker

For those of you who didn’t know, we have also created a Coronavirus page called OneBP.com. The site shares a real-time follow-up to the global Covid 19 epidemic in India where you can take a closer look at the challenges facing the world and in India. You can view the page immediately by clicking Pano.

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