7 best Multisig Bitcoin wallets (2022)

I can read your thoughts and tell; you are looking for multisig Bitcoin wallets !!

Well, you’re in the right place, and I recently completed my thorough research in this area.

I was ashamed of it, for how could I not cover such important topics as multisig purses at TheMoneyMongers.

Therefore, I am correcting the mistake here and trying to convey the pros and cons of all the popular multisig Bitcoin wallets that are available right now in the market.

Feel free to read through to the end and use these wallets to increase the security of your bitcoins. After all; even a faulty multisig is much better than relying on a single key system.

So here are the ones:

Best Multisig Wallet for Bitcoin

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# 1. Electrum

Electrum is an bitcoin-only wallet that is open source and free to use under the MIT license.

I myself have been using Electrum for a year and I have to say it is by far the most secure desktop wallet for Bitcoin. I’ve also tried its multisig functionality, which is pretty easy to use compared to its other multisig peers.

But the Electrum wallet is a lightweight wallet and does not require you to download the entire blockchain. That means you can not run a full Bitcoin node through Electrum.

It gets better:

Electrum delivers multisig wallet functionality on its desktop software as well as with Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets.

I have used this functionality with Ledger Nano S. It worked like a charm and gave you the best of both worlds: hardware security and the freedom to use multisig with the software.

Note: If you’re thinking of buying a Ledger, buy only its newer version, the Ledger Nano X.

So if you want to use multisig wallet functionality with a hardware wallet, you may well do so with the Electrum wallet.

Apart from this Electrum wallet allows you to customize the fees while sending Bitcoin transactions. You can make up to 15-by-15 multisig purses with Electrum, making it ideal for large groups who need to manage their BTC inventory.

From now on, the Electrum wallet is available for Mac, Windows, Linux.

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# 2. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is a flagship product of the Ledger SAS company and has become the go-to hardware wallet for many cryptocurrency users worldwide.

Nano X comes with a Bluetooth feature that makes it ideal for use with mobile devices, both iOS and Android. Other than that, its features like PIN code, password setting, seed backup only make it suitable for security.

However, if you want more security, you will be asked to use multiple Bitcoin wallets. The good news is that Ledger wallets support this feature with Electrum or Armory as desktop multisig wallets.

So be sure to check out the Nano X with Electrum or Armory wallets to make multisig wallets like 2-by-3 or 3-by-5 ​​up to 15-by-15 multisig purses.

Note: Ledger does not verify change output (or display fees) for multi-signature transactions, leaving it to the user. Check out this guide to configure yours Ledger-based multisig wallet once you have decided.

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# 3. Trezor Model T

Trezor wallet is another groundbreaking hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Trezor have been earning this space since 2014.

Trezor is an open source wallet, but it’s not free. You get all the features like PIN code, Seed backup and recovery as well as the access statement with Trezor wallets.

In addition, Trezor integrates with the Electrum wallet to give you multisig wallet functionality in a flawless way. It even verifies the output of the changes, which is a sign of higher levels of security.

Check out this guide to configure yours Trezor based multisig purse once you have decided.

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# 4. Armory

Armory is a full node Bitcoin wallet client and requires you to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain.

The wallet is for those who want a better desktop client than the Bitcoin core with a user-friendly user interface. Armory also provides multisig wallet addresses, which is why we’re talking about it today.

Most importantly, it is a free and open source wallet to supply Bitcoin users by providing many backup features, secure cold storage on offline computers and total control over by providing custom fee features as well as features like RBF and CPFP etc.

On the multisig side, Armory is capable of delivering up to 7-by-7 multisig purses, making it an ideal choice for stakeholders in a community or business.

Right now, Armory’s desktop client is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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# 5. Casa Keymaster

Casa’s Keymaster is the best multisig system designed to keep your coins as safe as possible.

Multisig wallet technology is at the heart of the Casa Keymaster program. It has features that let you either manage everything with Casa or outsource the entire coin management thing to Casa.

Casa Keymasters Gold plan provides security with affordable self-service rates and allows you to enjoy 2-of-3 multiplayer with Trezor One as a hardware wallet.

If you want 3-0f-3 multisig security for your bitcoins along with Casas support for recovery in an emergency, you can also take advantage of it 🙂

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# 6. Blockstream Green Wallet

If you are someone who understands the importance of multisig Bitcoin wallets and wants one for yourself, you are in the right place.

The Green Wallet from Blockstream is the wallet you should look at, and its multisig-wallet functionality gives you the extra security purposes.

It gets better:

Green Wallet is mobile for iOS and Android users, so you can create multisig wallets directly on the mobile app itself. But it gives on 2-by-2 multisig. Here, a private key stays with you, and another key is stored by Green Wallet’s servers.

If you do not want to use mobile apps for multisig, you can also use a Green wallet with Ledger Nano S or Trezor One wallet.

Full integration of these hardware wallets is available, giving you the best of both worlds, i.e. cold storage of private keys with hardware wallets and easy-to-use multiple addresses with Green’s interface.

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# 7. Coinb.in

Coinb is an open source web wallet written in Javascript and is freely available for use by Bitcoin multisig wallet users under the MIT license.

You can easily create, verify and sign multisig addresses through Coinb. Simply enter all the participants’ public keys to create a multisig address managed by participating actors.

From now on, using Coinb, you can use up to 15 public addresses to create multisig wallets, which means that up to 15-of-15 multisig addresses can be created through Coinb.

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Multi-signature Bitcoin Wallet

All multisig Bitcoin wallets work on the same principle and are sufficiently secure enough to keep your bitcoins safe. If you can not afford a hardware wallet, then you should at least keep your bitcoins in a multisig wallet.

Moreover, multisig is a simple technology, yet powerful, and people are understanding this with increased awareness through companies like Casa, Ledger and Trezor.

Lastly, make sure you always store your bitcoins securely in a hardware wallet or a multisig wallet for long-term security.

Now you tell us: What do you think of Bitcoin multisig wallets? Have you used a multisig wallet before? Tell us in the comments section below; we are waiting 🙂

Our recommendation number 1

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